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"It all started with my father's hobby of taking care of animals. He tried bunnies then goats then chickens. Then came honey bees and they stayed. That was over 10 years ago. A hobby quickly became a family activity with his children and grandchildren. Now my father and I have gone into beekeeping business. And business is sweet. We have expanded into wholesale honey sales, pollination services, hive management services, educational and mentoring programs, and bee hive woodenware.

My father and I are continuously reading about various beekeeping books and magazines, taking courses, and active in the Connecticut Beekeepers Association. Beekeepers are a small group and we have learned much from the wealth of veteran beekeepers in the area.

We are stewards of these amazing insects and through awareness and education we are helping to promote their importance in nature. It always amazes me when someone that I meet for the first time asks me what I do for a living and I tell them I play with honey bees. I usually get a double take and a puzzled look.

We don't count success in dollars and cents but count the increasing numbers of colonies we have and that is all that really matters."

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